Beauty and ugliness essay help

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Beauty and ugliness essay help

The discovery that morality is an illusion is by no means new. Objective morality exists only in the minds of moral philosophers who are ignorant of Physics and Evolution or in the minds of Jewish holier-than-thou moralists. The Latin language after centuries of representing Globalism in ancient times became specialized in conveying specific, concrete, material ideas, thus we find that Latin words have very strict definitions in contrast to old forms of German or old Norse, which have very fluid and abstract meanings.

As George Orwell said, what cannot be expressed in language cannot be thought, therefore the Latinization of Germanic languages is a good analogy of how we are being beauty and ugliness essay help Latinized and turned away from our ability of thinking about the really important, the abstract, the transcendental, the spiritual where beauty resides and I believe Germanic languages are as close as you can get to that way of thinking.

Germanic pagan terminology saw force and violence without fear, and even as sacred when used for the sake of beauty and progress. We should also not be surprised that the greatest source of Latin influence in our native languages was Christianity.

Early on, the Church perverted Germanic words in order to give them a Christian-Materialistic meaning. Thus we see even in Jewish and Roman mythologies a concrete, mundane and materialistic approach. You cannot have Materialism based societies where beauty has been taken out of the equation and where self-assertion and reciprocity are immoral without first imposing Christian morals.

In fact, people would only content themselves with money and tolerate ugliness and mediocrity if they are first scared to death by Christianity and taught that all acts of nonconformity or lack of total submission to the jew Yahweh of course is just a euphemism for the eternal Jew are immoral and that all creatures capable of speech are equal in the eyes of the Jewish god.

Christianity values irresponsible forms of charity and the preservation of whatever kind of life happens to be born without concerns about their meaning or if they are undermining the existence of higher creatures.

Christianity also denies reincarnation or an existence outside heaven-purgatory-hell. This is the essence of Materialism, the lack of love for ideals and the selfishness of the now material appeal. To reject the world and its passions can only lead to finding refuge from this repression in television, money, drugs and pornography.

Thus living your natural instincts and passions like courage, heroism, hate of the evil and ugly, etc. Our passions and desires, when properly directed, are the most sacred thing we have, and to deny them is to deny our souls.

Christianity, at the same time, was robbing people of their freedom and power. Think about the promotion of racial mixing and the vilification of wanting to have sex and thus reproduce the race. Sex and reproduction had to be limited to the terms imposed by the Church and now it is immoral not to want to have sex with lower races!

The system should serve the people, otherwise it would be a perversion. Also, the economic system should support talented white men not non-European immigrants who become fathers at a young age so they can keep studying. Christianity has placed importance on ugliness above that of beauty, and thus the brute negro is equal in her eyes to the White genius.

Beauty and ugliness essay writing

Regarding the question of what is morality: Is there something wrong with that? This is the kind of question many participants in a study were asked and most of them replied that it was wrong. In a complex thought experiment involving a train on its way to kill different numbers of people trapped within the tracks, you could choose between either saving one person by pushing one button or saving 5 persons by pushing with your own hands a fat person into the train-tracks, but most of the participants preferred to go for the first option despite of saving less lives.

See Alain de Benoist for how modern Universalist values are derived from Christianity. When objective morality is an illusion, what do we have left? I believe that beauty is the only thing that can transcend reason, morality and everything else.

It must be this way, since nature shows us that we are always bound to form part of something greater. Thus morality is a means to an end and it can be used to advance either beauty or ugliness. Morality when used for the preservation of beauty is good, but when used for the advancement of ugliness as Christianity and Jewish plutocrats wantmorality loses all its value.

Also happiness and warm feelings are not the purpose of existence. A dog certainly can be happy, but I will always prefer to be a human no matter how much I have to struggle, rather than contenting myself with a comfortable existence as a powerless and less sentient creature.

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No, the real purpose of existence is to transform the limited amount of energy and matter in this universe into creating more beautiful and sophisticated forms until the limitations of chaotic matter are defeated into submission in the service of transcendental beauty.

You can be the most altruistic and moral person and still be hopelessly miserable if you are only fostering ugliness.

The single fact that only beauty can legitimate life itself and inspire progress makes me think that the highest morality should be anything aimed at preserving and increasing the few and rare traces of beauty that we know of in this vast and chaotic universe.

Everything that results in the endangering of beauty or hindering its expansion must be immoral. We can be certain that despite her many shortcomings, the white race is the best candidate to represent beauty on this planet and she is the living form closest to the archetype of beauty that we know of in this universe.Beauty and ugliness essay help.

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beauty and ugliness essay help

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