Dissertations jewish education

Ancient India The Hindu tradition India is the site of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world.

Dissertations jewish education

Healthcare chaplaincy is a young field. The study of the impact of spirituality and religiosity upon health status is also a newer field.

This essay examines in broad strokes what healthcare chaplaincy currently offers, reviews some of the current spiritual care assessment tools in use, introduces some new assessment approaches, and demonstrates how healthcare chaplaincy can help accomplish the UN Millennium Goals.

His family brings with them their own food and bedding supplies.

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The charge nurse explains that they cannot bring in their own items because the patient has lowered immune function and anything not sterilized could make him even more ill. Hearing these instructions, the family becomes deeply distressed and discusses removing Thanh from the hospital.

In the s to the early s in Southern Vietnam, where the patient was born and raised, admission to the hospital was often regarded as the setting of last resort, and was often the place where patients died.

While this is not an obvious religious or spiritual issue, by eliciting this information, the chaplain can be a reassuring presence to the family, an advocate for them, and help them move from the experience of what the hospital used to mean to what it can mean for them now.

This will help the patient and family become partners with the healthcare team and will enable the patient and his family to more readily confront whatever comes next for him, medically. We know our world is becoming increasingly connected via technology and travel. It is also becoming increasingly mixed culturally, religiously and ethnically as migrants, immigrants and refugees enter states and nations within which their peoples have not previously resided, or have resided only in small numbers.

One consequence of these population shifts is that there are now interactions in local communities and in local community healthcare institutions of religions, cultures and ethnicities that have never met before but about whom are often held long-standing beliefs and misperceptions; and in some cases, these peoples have met only through being opponents during war or when one group was actively oppressing the other.

Further, it is no longer unusual for a healthcare chaplain to work with a patient, family or healthcare provider who is from a culture or religion to which the chaplain has not had prior exposure.

Moreover, due to technology and personal interactions, cultures, religions and spiritual traditions the world over are influencing each other more quickly than ever before. For instance, in the past, a generation was understood to span around 20 — 35 years.

Dissertations jewish education

I have been in the healthcare field for most of my professional life, first as a registered nurse, and now as a rabbi and interfaith healthcare chaplain. I have seen these changes taking place and have had the delight of serving some of the most culturally and religiously diverse communities in the United States.

In serving these communities I have noted these issues directly. In this essay I would like to reflect on two related issues: While there are good resource materials on Cultural Competency a good example is the Ethnogeriatic Program at Stanford Universityit is not possible to be deeply knowledgeable about every group with which one might interact.

Thus, I will propose some supplementary spiritual care assessment tools and approaches for healthcare chaplains to use. Healthcare chaplaincy, especially when practiced from a multicultural, multifaith and advocacy perspective, can support many of the UN Millennium Goals.

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The first question might well be, why does healthcare chaplaincy matter? In general, this is no longer the primary question in healthcare settings. Healthcare Chaplaincy is still a young field.

While there are good working definitions of what it is and how it functions, what this healthcare practice can provide is still being discovered and discussed. We do know that professional healthcare chaplaincy does have a positive impact on the well-being of patients, their families and upon healthcare providers themselves.In , Congress voted unanimously to create the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

The museum is the United States’s national institution for the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history and serves as the national. Renate Smithuis. Lecturer in Medieval Jewish Studies. Principal Investigator of the Catalogue of Codices, Scrolls, and Other Texts in Hebrew Script in the University of Manchester (John Rylands) Library Project at the John Rylands Research Institute (1/4//3/18).

The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus - Legendary Jewish Historian and His Chronicle of Ancient History [translation by William Whiston] on initiativeblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Jonathan K. Crane is the Raymond F.

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Schinazi Scholar of Bioethics and Jewish Thought at Emory University’s Center for Ethics. He is also an Associate Professor of Medicine, Emory School of Medicine, and an Associate Professor of Religion, Emory College.

Dissertations jewish education

The New York Times recently published a piece about the rerelease of a book that spotlighted the efforts of non-Jewish Europeans who risked their lives to protect Jews during the Holocaust.

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