Essay on trees and seasons

Privacy Policy Popular Posts Spring season is the favorite season of the year and liked spring everyone than other seasons. Students may be assigned by their teachers to write some paragraphs or complete spring on spring season.

Essay on trees and seasons

The earth wears a green dress. Again it comes to life. In this season the nature is kind.

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It gives us pleasure and joy. The trees, once more look fresh and lovely. They regain their lost leaves. The birds were silent in winter. Now they sing songs. They thank God with thousands of notes. Nature gives a grand feast to our hungry eyes.

Essay on trees and seasons

It invites us to come out and take part in the joy of the world. It presents a lovely sight to our eyes. We get new strength from the kind mother of nature. The cool breeze invites us to come into the open.

Flowers spread their sweet smell in all directions. They fill us with pleasure. It is a season of marriages and feasts. It is this season when this earth was honoured by the birth of Shri Ram Chandra. It was again in spring that the coronation of Ram actually took place. Hence the spring may be called the King of seasons.

The pleasures of the spring are many. We cannot describe them. We can enjoy them in a village. There nature is in naked form. Go to the mountain.

There the nature is in its true colour. There everything is untouched by the dirty hand of man. In towns and cities calendar tells the coming of spring. But in villages everything tells of its arrival. The people of great cities like Bombay and Calcutta can hardly know the glory of spring, the king of seasons.

Trees in the spring present beautiful feast to our eyes. The sight of green and yellow fields fills our hearts with hope. The fields promise to give us corn.

This lovely season fills us with the feeling of gratitude to God. We pray to God, the creator of spring.

Essay on Spring Season for Children and Students

The solitude in the lap of a forest and a cave on mountain present beauties of spring before our eyes. Unfortunately people fail to appreciate this season of feast. Spring is the season in which the voice of nature is heard everywhere.This essay article explains the importance of trees in our lives.

How trees impact our day to day life and effects of cutting down trees on our health. On windy and winter seasons, trees can act as windbreaks. A windbreak can lower home heating bills, and have an effect on reducing snow drifts.

importance of trees essay, uses of trees. Spring season is the favorite season of the year and liked by everyone than other seasons. Students may be assigned by their teachers to write some paragraphs or complete essay on spring season.

So, we have provided here various paragraphs and essays on spring season under different words limit. Trees are our best friends.

Trees are one of the best things that mother earth has provided us. Trees give us many things. For example, trees provide us shade. Sardar Vallabhai Patel-Essay/Paragraph for children. October 6, If i were a rich man or women-Essay.

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Spring is called the king of all season. It is the most pleasant weather in the world. The trees become loaded with leaves flowers. Nature looks cheerful comes after winter. The cuckoo sings pleasantly.

The mango trees begin flowering. The birds begin nesting and laying eggs. Essay Spring Season. It is the queen of all seasons of the year.

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