Matisse paper cutouts

Cimiez, France French painter and sculptor The French painter and sculptor Henri Matisse was one of the great initiators of the modern art movement, which uses the combination of bold primary colors and free, simple forms. He was also the most outstanding personality of the first revolution in twentieth century art—Fauvism style of art that uses color and sometimes distorted forms to send its message.

Matisse paper cutouts

Holman was one of four New York poets—his assistant E. Pulgar, Bronx-born Nuyorican legend Bonafide Rojas, and lead singer of The Mona Passage El Yabey—to cross the Atlantic for the festival held in the small Spanish port city at the same latitude as the Big Apple but separated by a watery expanse.

Not even the Atlantic can separate a group of poets adamant and thirsty to inject a city with verse. Poem of Many Tonguesthe minute video poem in 50 languages I made with Steve Zeitlin will be on a continuous loop during the Festival, again with Italian translation available. And of course it's the Endangered Language Alliance here in New York that gives me the framework to continue my work with languages.

I'm a firm believer that language diversity and the revitalization of the world's smaller tongues is key Matisse paper cutouts humanity's survival -- there are laws to help protect the physical planet, but there is also an ecology of consciousness, with a much smaller awareness that within these languages are not only the Ultimate Other, but also an encyclopedia of knowledge about these languages' piece of earth that can help to heal the planet -- and each other.

The series is edited by poet Eric Edwards and features cover and frontispiece art by Rebecca Edwards. The 50 miniatures in the book are ekphrastics — art inspired by other art — in this case the eponymous work with scissors and colored paper that occupied Matisse for the last 14 years of his life.

Bound by a wheelchair due to polio, he created bold, striking, imagistic, brilliantly-colored shapes that were first collected in a project called Jazz.

Matisse generally cut the shapes out freehand, using a small pair of scissors and saving both the cut-out sheets and remaining scraps of paper. From slam to hip-hop, from performance to spoken word, he's been a central figure in redefining poetry as it exists on, off, and beyond the page.

As an arts administrator, he's served as coordinator and curator at St. A scholar of oral traditions in West Africa and beyond, Holman co-founded the Endangered Language Alliancewhere he currently serves as co-director.

One highlight just has to be my visit with Ravinder Das Baul; another was a trip to the Calcutta Chinatown hidden away by the railroad tracks. It looked like a giant opium den and the food was astonishing. My aesthetics felt right at home with the Bengali love for literacy and sung poetry personified by Rabindranath Tagore, the first Asian ever to win a Nobel Prize for Literature.

Like everywhere else on the planet, Calcutta has changed dramatically in the 10 years since I was last there. Not as gentrified as the Bowery, but now with electricity everywhere and lights that illumine what used to be dark corners.

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Joy herself could not resist and pulled out her saxophone to join the clamoring chorus. Click here to watch the film, and to find endangered language educational resources. Language Matters was also featured on "That Munanga Linguist " blog! House divided reading at the great hall, cooper union With poet and painter Stefan Bondell, Bob Holman organized a marathon reading at Cooper Union's Great Hall to address these divisive times.

Artists got to choose their style and content of address, and artists from across New York's Downtown Arts scene, as well as from across the country, took their turn to read at the podium where Abraham Lincoln spoke in Henri Matisse.

Matisse paper cutouts

Henri Matisse was born on December 31, , in the small industrial town of Bohain-en-Vermandois in northern France. He worked as a legal clerk, studied for a law degree in Paris, returned to a law office in the town of Saint-Quentin, and began taking a drawing class.

Although the paper cut-out was Matisse’s major medium in the final decade of his life, his first recorded use of the technique was in during the design of decor for the Le chant du rossignol, an opera composed by Igor Stravinsky. The Cut-Outs. During the last decade of his life Henri Matisse deployed two simple materials—white paper and gouache—to create works of wide-ranging color and complexity.

In the late s, Henri Matisse turned almost exclusively to cut paper as his primary medium, and scissors as his chief implement, introducing a radically new operation that came to be called a cut-out.

A look inside Henri Matisse's "The Flight of Icarus". The blue, black, red and yellow composition of paper cutouts is part of Matisse's book titled Jazz. Posted pm by Courtney Wise & filed under Adventure, Afterschool Art Classes, Classes, Kids Paintings, School Field Trips..

Painting With Scissors. This week in our mixed media art classes we learned about Henri Matisse and how in his later life his art revolved around cutouts which he called “painting with scissors” and “cutting directly into color.” While the colors he used for.

Paper Cuts Outs (gouaches découpés) of Henri Matisse