Pet photography business plan sample

Set Dressing Services for Photo Shoots Photo Editing and Digital Editing Services Sales Forecast Even though many people are making use of smartphones and gadgets to take shots nowadays, there are still a lot of people who still need professional shots for varying reasons and it is these people that we will be looking to cater to. Philadelphia is a bustling city that has lots of high profile visits as well as concerts, modeling gigs and other events where professional photographers are required and so we are strategically located and will be able to take advantage of this market to generate the revenue that will be needed to grow our business. We are also confident of recouping our initial investment during the first year of running the business.

Pet photography business plan sample

We chose these groups because they are most likely to have pets who would be considered a member of the family, and because they are most able to afford high-quality studio portraits of their pets.

In today's current environment, pets occupy a prominent place in a family, or as the central focus of attention in a single household. Sales trends for pet-related merchandise have shown substantial annual increases since Bunn, Pet industry sales closely parallel the general trends, such as gourmet foods, high-fashion accessories, and medical and dental needs Simpson, Adorable Pet Photography fills a need for capturing a moment in time, or preserving a special relationship and providing loved ones the human kind with a high quality portrait of them and their best friend.

Considering the rise in income and population, coupled with the increased spending for pet-related items and services, the demand for pet photography services can only increase. However, as the American culture has changed in the last two decades, an even more prominent role for the pet has emerged.

In today's mobile society, people often lose pet photography business plan sample with their community, friends, and family, so they draw closer to their pets. As more people put off having children until later in life, pets are increasingly lapping up the luxuries that had once been reserved for human housemates.

Making pets into family members is typical of an economy driven by middle-aged professionals with two-income households and fewer, if any, children. These "baby boomers" are now hitting the peak years of 35 to In some cases, the pet alleviates the Empty Nest Syndrome for older married couples.

Their animals are not just pets but companions, and many owners consider their pets their children.

pet photography business plan sample

Society is getting better educated and more accepting of pets across the board, and there is existing research that proves pets are a benefit to one's health Palmer, People are now treating their pets as children, a pampering not seen 20 years ago.

The importance of the family pet is evident, and it calculates into big business. People want to show how much they care. Thus, it only makes sense that this important member of the family should be included in the family portrait, or even have a separate photo shoot of their own.

Indeed, with increasing frequency, we now see pictures of pets on employee's desks in addition to, or instead of, human family members. A photography studio that openly welcomes animals appears to be a viable business unto itself.

Where consumers used to pick up pet food on their weekly excursion to the grocery store, they now buy gourmet premium foods, which exclude animal by-products and replace them with prime cuts of meats and other high-level ingredients, some of which are sold only through veterinary offices.

In addition to regular meal planning, dog-centric bakeries are now found in major cities that offer the ultimate in guilty canine pleasure, using natural ingredients no sugar, carob instead of chocolate, etc.

One company, Alaska Canine Cookies, went international and reported a percent growth rate in their first year,and settled into a more manageable percent rate in Veltkamp, The market trend, as the human element permeates the pet industry, leads to pets not being buried in shoeboxes in the back yard as much as they once were.

The trend, sincehas been to give an animal a proper funeral. The market segment of pet owners is becoming a more solid profit maker, with the trend towards spending more money on a pet with every passing year.

However, the amount of money Americans spend on their pets has exploded. Industry experts expect sales to grow steadily for the next five years, from three to 15 percent, according to surveys conducted by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council Powell, Thus, while there does not seem to be a great increase in people who own pets, the ones that do have them are valuing them more.

No longer is the primary care veterinarian handling all of their patient's needs. Specialty care veterinarians who have additional training, such as surgeons, internal medicine specialists, ophthalmologists, and dermatologists, are in great demand Tuthill, Doggie day-care centers are springing up all across the country and carving a niche in the pet-care industry.

Busy professionals feel guilty about leaving their best friend alone all day, the animals can romp the day away in a "cage-free" environment.

Executive Summary

Centers for pampering pets, such as Hollywood Hounds in Los Angeles, feature pet massages, "pawdicures," and complete make-overs for dogs. They even boast a backyard gazebo for "muttrimonies" and "barkmitzvahs.

There are 8, independent full-service pet stores in the U.Below is a sample pet photography business plan template that can help you to successfully write your own with little or no difficulty; Industry Overview In a survey conducted in by the American Pet Products Association, pets are a significant part of million U.S homes.

Adorable Pet Photography pet photography business plan executive summary. Adorable Pet Photography is a start-up pet portrait company in Atlanta, Georgia. Starting your own pet photography business.

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The Business of Pet Photography is here to help you get your barking business in order! Embrace the business. Make a plan.

Be more profitable. I’m Nicole, and I have a passion for helping pet photographers create a business, and life, that meets their definition of success.

We’ve got sample contracts, client email swipe files. For self-run businesses, which your pet photography business will be at the beginning, you will not need an extensive plan.

A rough outline of your business plan will do and will be an amazing tool to refer to should you plan to expand your business.

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