Research paper condominium

If one association operates more than one condominium, it shall not be necessary to rerecord the same articles of incorporation and bylaws as exhibits to each declaration after the first, provided that in each case where the articles and bylaws are not so recorded, the declaration expressly incorporates them by reference as exhibits and identifies the book and page of the public records where the first declaration to which they were attached is recorded. The form of administration of the association shall be described indicating the title of the officers and board of administration and specifying the powers, duties, manner of selection and removal, and compensation, if any, of officers and boards. In the absence of such a provision, the board of administration shall be composed of five members, unless the condominium has five or fewer units. The board shall consist of not fewer than three members in condominiums with five or fewer units that are not-for-profit corporations.

Research paper condominium

The majority of links below go to external sites. Use your right mouse button to open a new window to these sites, or use your back button to return here. Research paper condominium Amazon titles will open a new window. The purpose of this paper is to develop a typology of the organisational forms comprising the Australian condominium tourism accommodation sector.

Available for PDF download. Ethical Operation or Cultural Exploitation? The desire for pristine environments and exotic cultural encounters by increasingly affluent consumers is propelling communities, governments, and travel companies to provide for such opportunities.

Yet ecotourism does not only seek to allow travellers to experience remote environments and cultures. It is also supposed to be more ethical. A must read for anyone serious about being involved in nature based tourism and ecotourism in Australia. See also Department of the Environment Publications archive A treasure trove of papers and publications.

Coastal Tourism - A Manual for Sustainable Development It would be nice if this report was also available as a zip file, to be able to download it in one fell swoop.

This report includes analysis of a number of now well developed Australian resorts, including a couple of large scale marina resort developments claiming ecotourism credentials.

Keeping the customer happy while not disturbing the wildlife. Are our activities gradually affecting the wildlife in ways that will either improve visitor experience or might they ultimately destroy the very things we are trying to show them?

Are the animals going to start avoiding the areas we use?

Are they going to behave less naturally? Are we likely to cause, however gradually, any changes to their habitat? National Parks and the Macedonian Experience "Ethnic diversity of contemporary Australia is reflected in the wide range of people who use our parks.

While this sometimes causes tension between park visitors and staff, it also points to the diverse ways in which park landscapes are being used and valued.

Research paper condominium

Their role in consolidating ideas of community — their value as social spaces — must be recognised. See also the Migration Heritage Centre. Successful Tourism at Heritage Places: This guide provides information to help people more clearly understand the issues involved and includes practical pointers for those aiming at successful and responsible tourism at heritage places.

Australian Heritage Council publications Index page to all publications. Most papers and presentations from the conference are available, all in PDF, and while focused on Australian conditions, they will be useful to anyone operating or interested in wildlife tourism.

Research paper condominium

International The Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative "is an educational resource designed to help travelers, hoteliers, and local communities develop and promote environmental, social, and cultural sustainability by increasing awareness of issues affecting tourism and showcasing best green practices for hoteliers.

An extensive directory of Destination Intitiatives and Organisation Reports, with summaries and links to source publications. BBC Travel A search for stories and features tagged "Eco-tourism", includes the usual gamet of travelogue style stories.

Most of the studies and reports produced can also be purchased as publications. The potentials and perils of ecotourism in a nutshell, and still one of the most relevant introductory articles on ecotourism available online.

Originally published in Maythis story reports on the nasty downside of ecotourism exploitation, when financial and development interests corrupt the concepts of ecotourismusually at the expense of the environment, local communities and their cultures.In events, research and articles, Forgotten Chicago is continually striving to discover and share more about the unknown and forgotten history, culture, neighborhoods, and the built environment of our region.

To add to our exclusive articles and programs, Forgotten Chicago has gone through more than , pages of non-digitized and non-indexed .

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