Riordan manufacturing going green initiative

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Riordan manufacturing going green initiative

To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. This publication is available at https: Successful firms will be capable of rapidly adapting their physical and intellectual infrastructures to exploit changes in technology as manufacturing becomes faster, more responsive to changing global markets and closer to customers.

Successful firms will also harness a wider skills base, with highly qualified leaders and managers whose expertise combines both commercial and technical acumen, typically in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Constant adaptability will pervade all aspects of manufacturing, from research and development to innovation, production processes, supplier and customer interdependencies, and lifetime product maintenance and repair. Products and processes will be sustainable, with built-in reuse, remanufacturing and recycling for products reaching the end of their useful lives.

Closed loop systems will be used to eliminate energy and water waste and to recycle physical waste. In the public sector, policy frameworks that affect the manufacturing sector directly and indirectly will need to recognise the extended nature of value creation and the new ways it is being developed.

And it will be important that flows of highly skilled workers, patient capital, and support to promote critical mass in small and medium sized enterprises are all internationally competitive.

The implications for UK manufacturing firms and the UK government are substantial. Some businesses are already adapting and are world class, but many are not positioned to succeed in a future world where greater opportunities will be balanced by greater competition.

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The UK needs to radically change its approach to providing a constant and consistent framework within which all firms aspire to prosper. A business-as-usual approach will not deliver that outcome.

Riordan manufacturing going green initiative

Other economies are already ahead, and catching up will require an adaptive capacity that the UK has not yet demonstrated. Achieving this is essential, as the future competitiveness and health of UK manufacturing will affect many other parts of the economy through its numerous linkages.

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The key message is that there is no easy or immediate route to success, but action needs to start now to build on existing support, and to refocus and rebalance it for the future. Above all, policy design will need to address entire system effects.

This Report sets out many areas where action is needed at both strategic and more detailed levels. However, the following should be particular priorities.

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The quality and skills of the workforce will be a critical factor in capturing competitive advantage. It is essential that UK policy makers focus on the supply of skilled workers, including apprenticeship schemes, support for researchers, and the supply of skilled managers.

Firms will need to pay much more attention to building multidisciplinary teams to develop increasingly complex products, and also innovative business models.

It will also be crucial to address the current image associated with manufacturing.

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Here government and industry should work together to further promote and market the opportunities for careers in manufacturing industries at all levels of education. Financial challenges for the sector include a shortage of risk capital. This is particularly evident as a funding gap between research and early development and the funding for proof of concept that is usually required before the market steps in.Webinar, "3D printing and Entrepreneurship," Stratasys.

(March 31, ). Webinar, "Additive Manufacturing Initiatives at Sandia National Laboratories," Tech Brief Media. The Going Green Campaign solidifies accountability and sustainability within the Riordan Manufacturing organization. Goals and Objectives The project leader must first read and understand the details described in the scope statement.

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