Science and man

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Science and man

Discussing climate change on the net Posted on 26 November by BaerbelW Today, many discussions about climate change happen on the internet.

Science and man

People interested in the topic share information and have lively discussions about the latest studies and findings. But, you'll also find many contributors voicing not just minor doubts about human-caused climate change but also those who outright deny it. In this blog post, I suggest some options which exist to deal with these dissenting voices.

Consensus among scientists - lack of consensus on the internet At a guess, you'll have noticed the following more than just once: As soon as an article about climate change gets published on the internet, it usually doesn't take long for comments voicing doubt or outright denying that it's human-caused to appear.

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Even though there's an overwhelming consensus of well over 90 percent in scientific publications and among climate scientists that the current climate change is human-caused, you can easily get quite a different impression from what gets posted on the net.

Instead, the consensus has emerged from the evidence collected and analysed for over years by thousands of climate scientists around the globe. The evidence and results fit together like many pieces of a large puzzle coming together and falling in place to create a coherent picture.

You'll however often be hard pressed to find this conensus on the internet.Start with a Story The book Start with a Story is a collection of 40+ essays that examine every aspect of the case study method.

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Chapter 1 ­ Thought and Character

The Science of Man is dedicated to the unfoldment through understanding of the Universal Laws of the Creator, so that all might better manifest His Creation and thus promote Peace and Harmony among people everywhere.

The Science of Man (SOM) is about 80 years old as an idea but 60 years old as a chartered organization. The Reverend Earl W.

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Blighton began developing the idea in , when he reports he had a Divine revelation in which he was told to work for “the uniting of science and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.”.

The Center for Biological Diversity is trying to shut down the coal plant at the University of North Carolina-Durham with a bogus emissions dispersion modeling study and a leftover Obama war-on-coal rule.

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