Short biography of james j hill on of the most powerful figures of americas gilded age

Wickersham's courthouse in Eagle. Wickersham moved the Third District court headquarters to Fairbanks in

Short biography of james j hill on of the most powerful figures of americas gilded age

By Skip Moskey Ambassador and Mrs. Everything about them was glamorous: Photo by Skip Moskey. He would have been very pleased indeed if any of his guests speculated idly among themselves that he was in some way involved in the conduct of the war — in a behind-the-scenes kind of way, of course.

Short biography of james j hill on of the most powerful figures of americas gilded age

The guests would begin arriving as if on cue at 8: The hosts, the celebrity guests, and cocktails were waiting above! The entry way in the forecourt of Anderson House. Guests arriving here were protected from winter winds, overhead precipitation, and the eyes of the general public. Larz and Isabel may have been host and hostess for this evening, but the Butler was in charge!

The Andersons later made some structural changes to the original plan. Drawing by Harry I.

Early years

Copyright c by Stephen T. There, they came face-to-face with a giant statue of the Buddha that was flanked by bronze Japanese temple lanterns. The front vestibule of Anderson House in The entry hall was intended to immediately convey to visitors that the Andersons were collectors with exotic tastes.

They were immediately whisked away to the right through a room called The Choir Stall Room, with old Italian church paneling installed around the walls. But the choir stalls were not the highlight of the room. Part of the ceiling and frieze of the Choir Stall Room of Anderson House, where Larz made sure visitors knew he was an important and highly-decorated man.

Photo by Bruce Guthrie. Once they passed through the Choir Stall Room, guests arrived in the Grand Staircase Hall, where maids would help the ladies with their coats, and footmen would help the gentlemen with their hats and walking sticks.

Beginning of a literary career

Frances Benjamin Johnston Collection, Anderson House As guests ascended the grand stairway, they could contemplate the pomp and circumstance depicted in a billboard-sized painting in the stairway: Photo c by Bruce Guthrie.

At the top of the stairs, guests entered a reception area the Andersons sometimes called the Cincinnati Room, a reference to the murals depicting both the founding of the Society of the Cincinnati and the early history of the city of Cincinnati. The Andersons also sometimes called it the Key Room, as it is now known—a reference to the meander, or Greek key, design of the marble floor.

This was the anteroom to the rest of the piano nobile. The Andersons, the prince, and the count and countess greeted each guest as they were announced at the top of the staircase.

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Introductions and brief polite conversation ensued, but only briefly. There were many guests to be processed through these arrival rituals, and cocktails were waiting! This panel shows an allegorical representation of the founding of The Society of the Cincinnati in The two central figures are George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette.

After passing through the Cincinnati Room, guests gathered in two adjoining drawing rooms, one in French style and one in English style. Cocktails and conversation were the order of the evening in these two elegant rooms. Once everyone had arrived, Larz and Isabel and their honored guests joined the others in these rooms.

The Andersons were delightful hosts who mingled with their guests and made sure everyone had a cocktail.

Using the chart as his guide, the butler paired each gentleman with a lady for the procession down the long gallery that led to the dining room on the other side of the house. The Gallery of Anderson House, The crystal chandeliers are a modern addition.

Photo C by Bruce Guthrie. In contrast, dinner parties in the late 19th century, were given for as many as or more people! The guest lists and seating charts were saved, but not a record of what was served.James Garfield was born the youngest of five children on November 19, , in a log cabin in Orange Township, now Moreland Hills, Township had been in the Western Reserve until , and like many who settled there, Garfield's ancestors were from New England, his ancestor, Edward Garfield immigrating from Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England, to Massachusetts in around James Earl Jones was born on January 17, , in Arkabutla, Mississippi.

His father, Robert Earl Jones, a boxer and actor, was largely absent from his life growing up. Aug 25,  · James J. Hill topic. James Jerome Hill (September 16, – May 29, ), was a Canadian-American railroad executive.

He was the chief executive officer of a family of lines headed by the Great Northern Railway, which served a substantial area of the Upper Midwest, the northern Great Plains, and Pacific Northwest. Oct 03,  · The most abundantly comic of English authors, he was much more than a great entertainer.

“Dickensian” characterization continues in the sharply defined and simplified grotesque or comic figures, in the narration and characterization that few readers had noticed.

Necessarily, such extracts or short stories, suitable for a. Robber baron: associated with steamships and railroads; was elected president of Harlem by strategically using his position on the boards of directors of several rail companies; consolidated his two key rail lines into the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad, one of the first giant corporations in America.

The single-story wood frame house was built in for James Wickersham, one of the dominant political figures of early 20th-century Alaskan history.

It was the first frame house (and at three rooms the largest) built in Fairbanks, and the first to feature a wooden sidewalk, picket fence, and grass lawn.

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