Stratigic marketing plan tourism

Here are five new tactics to help tourism marketers attract more visitors from social media. Instagram might be where visitors first get inspired to learn more about your venue or destination. These are based on interviews with destination marketing experts and strategies we see working in the travel industry. He recommends that destination marketing organizations build relationships with visitors long before they arrive.

Stratigic marketing plan tourism

Embracing Our Potential A ten-year tourism strategy for the Thompson Okanagan Region TOTA is now in its fifth year of implementing the year strategy to grow the volume of new and returning visitors to the Thompson Okanagan region.

Key programs have been developed to support the implementation of the strategy, to truly embrace our potential. We have increased the recognition of the area as a world-class destination across the globe.

We will continue to do so, as well as increase awareness of the unique experiences that awaits our visitors year round — not just during the peak months of the year. Thompson Okanagan tourism stakeholders gathered at Sparking Hills for the launch of the tourism strategy.

We are attracting 3.

Stratigic marketing plan tourism

As impressive as these statistics are, there is a significant underlying concern with the seasonality of the industry, with parts of the region experiencing dramatic peaks in the summer months.

Imagine creating an environment that inspires travellers to visit the region every month of the year. The increased economic impact would be dramatic. Creates jobs; Supports community development; and Adheres to the underlying principles of economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability.

As the organization that facilitated the planning process, the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association TOTA has worked with government partners and industry stakeholders throughout the region to determine and present on behalf of everyone involved, this landmark tourism document.

A key underlying objective to this strategy is to encourage partnerships within the industry, and to work in an integrated way to embrace opportunities for growth in a manner that benefits all partners and increases the year-round strength of the Thompson Okanagan as a destination.

I am pleased to put forward this new regional tourism strategy for the Thompson Okanagan. Working together we can build a stronger tourism industry, we can achieve a new vision for our region, and we can create exceptional and world-class experiences for our visitors.

Thank you, Glenn W. Following these presentations and feedback, TOTA received letters of endorsement confirming that ALL locally-based leading agencies involved in the advancement of tourism in the Thompson Okanagan Region representing nearly 90 communities and hamlets and the tourism products of 28 First Nation Bands support the vision and approach of the Regional Strategy.

This is exciting progress, and positions the region well for moving forward in the growth and development of tourism. Introduction Tourism has become a primary economic driver throughout the Thompson Okanagan Region.

Building on this success and making sure that tourism in the Region can continue to thrive in increasingly competitive times is a challenge. Looking ahead, it is important that the industry creates a strategic framework that will guide its ongoing development and ensure that the benefits are felt throughout the Thompson Okanagan.

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Identifying a common vision and ways in which businesses and communities can work together on strategic regional objectives will act as a catalyst and will strengthen the Region overall and the destination experiences within the Region. The outcome will be an industry strategy that is based on input from operators, communities and a wide range of tourism related organizations.

The Planning Process The process has involved the following steps to date: Establishment of an advisory Steering Committee Extensive desk research Five sub-regional workshops and one sector workshop attended by stakeholders Site visits and interviews A regional workshop involving 30 national, provincial and regional stakeholders to review proposed strategic priorities An overview presentation of the draft Regional Strategy at the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Summit in November The following outline presents the key elements of the draft Strategy.

This is now being refined in preparation for a further stage of consultation. It is anticipated that the Strategy will be released in the spring. Our Research and Consultations — What we found Strengths.TEN STEPS TO STRATEGIC PLANNING STEP 1.

Prepare to plan. STEP 2. Clarify mandate and scope of work. STEP 3. Analyse the external environment.

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STEP 4. Analyse the internal environment. STEP 5. Identify the strategic issues. STEP 6. Define the strategic aims. STEP 7. Define strategies to address each strategic aim.

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Part 5: SWOT Analysis-Includes a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis with regard to the tourism industry in . DPAR P WS Strategic Plan Department of Public Works Strategic Plan I have the honour of submitting the Strategic Plan for of the Department of Public Works.

Tourism Tourism is a whole-of-government and industry long-term strategy to build the resilience and competitiveness of Australia’s tourism industry and grow its economic contribution.

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