Swot analysis vaseline

Middle class all age groups for skin care Positioning Nobody knows skin —and how to keep it at its healthy best —better than Vaseline.

Swot analysis vaseline

As long as an item's safe for you to use and works like you want it to, what's the big deal? You might want to start thinking about how it was tested, though. Many companies, including those that own huge brand names known across the country, use animal testing to ensure the safety of their products before they're available to consumers.

Some of these tests are necessary to show that the products meet the legal standards while others are done voluntarily to confirm that the item is as good as it can be. Whether you think animal testing is cruel in all circumstances or you believe that it's necessary to keep humans safe and healthy, you should at least be aware that these eight products, which are probably somewhere in your home, are tested on animals.

Windex The magic glass cleaner, which cures every ailment according to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, is tested on animals to make sure it is safe for human use, as are many other SC Johnson products like Glade and Pledge. Labs test Windex on the eyes and skin of the animals to see if it is irritating and also test the effects of ingesting the product.

While it might make you feel safer having it in the house, it doesn't do much for the peace of mind of animal activists. Post-it Notes Those handy neon notes you have stuck all over your desk don't seem like they're too complicated or full of potentially dangerous chemicals, but their components are still tested on animals.

On Post-its, for example, the company probably tests the safety of the adhesive used. Trojan condoms When looking for animal-tested products in your house, you probably don't have to reach much farther than your bed-side table.

While the rubber itself doesn't contain any animal by-products, making it technically OK for vegans to use, the product isn't cruelty-free. Mars candy Of course we want to know the things we eat are safe to be putting in our bodies, but many groups think this kind of testing could be done with consenting human subjects rather than animals.

One test, for example, looked at what the chocolate ingredients did to the blood vessels of a rat, and involved force-feeding and slicing open the animal's legs.

Many of the experiments end with killing the animals to be able to dissect them and really see the results. Considering how often we use these items and how readily we put a Band-Aid on our kids' boo-boos, we really should know more about the tests that are performed before these products hit the shelves.

Kleenex We rely on Kleenex when we've got the sniffles, but Kleenex's parent company, Kimberly-Clark, relies on animal testing to make sure its products are safe for consumers. While the corporation supports research for non-animal test methods and only uses animal testing when it has to, you should still be aware that these common household products, including the one you just sneezed into, use animals as test subjects.

Swot analysis vaseline

Iams pet food Of all the products in your house, you would probably think that your pet food would be among the most animal friendly.

Not so if you're buying Iams. The pet product company tests its wares on dogs and cats, and while they have ended the horribly invasive procedures they used to perform on the dogs and cats like cutting muscle off of their bodiesthey still use as many as dogs and cats to test the nutrition of their products.

They also still perform invasive experiments on animals other than dogs and cats. Vaseline Vaseline petroleum jelly and the other lotions and skin products under that name are great for keeping your skin moist and crack-free. But the skin of the lab animals used to test the products isn't so lucky, since it has to suffer all of the harmful effects so the product is safe when it hits the shelf.

Many of these other items are also tested on animals to check whether they're safe to use on humans. This corporation and many others place the priority on their consumer, which often means that animals end up being harmed.

Whether or not that's a bad thing is up to you.This article features SWOT analysis of all brands which have been analysed on Marketing As and when more SWOT analysis articles are published, this page will be updated.

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Free team building games for conferences, warm-ups, ice-breakers and training sessions. Free online resources for work and life from initiativeblog.com SWOT analysis of Vaseline – Vaseline SWOT analysis January 13, By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: SWOT articles Vaseline is a very popular product for both – kids as well as adults and is used to make the skin soft as .

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