The breakdown of romantic relationships essay

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The breakdown of romantic relationships essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you The breakdown of romantic relationships essay with your essay and educational issues. They suggested that breakdowns happened in five phases: The intra-psychic phase is where one partner becomes dissatisfied with the relationship but does not share this with the other partner; they may tell friends or family about their dissatisfaction.

The dyadic phase is where the dissatisfied partner discusses their feelings with the other partner; if the issues are not resolved the relationship moves on to the social phase.

Once the relationship is in the social phase the breakup is made public to friends or family, this is also the stage where social issues are discussed such as childcare and distribution of possessions or wealth.

Once the relationship has ended the grave dressing phase begins, this is the phase where the ex-partners begin the organization process of their past relationships.

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Each ex-partner tells others why they think the relationship failed, it has been theorised that in this phase women aim to befriend their ex whereas men prefer to cut their losses and move on. The final phase of this theory is the resurrection phase, in this phase partners prepare themselves for new relationships by building upon their past dating mistakes.

Lee devised a model based on his research into premarital breakdown. He surveyed romantic break ups and found that most of the participants appeared to be going through the same five phases: He theorised that the dissatisfaction stage is where one partner becomes unhappy with the relationship.

The negotiation phase is where the partners discuss their thoughts of the relationship and how it could be improved. The resolution phase involves the partners attempting to remove the dissatisfaction from their relationship.

If the relationship is not fixed in the resolution phase it leads to termination of the relationship. At each stage the relationship can be saved by the partners adjusting the way they act and things they do in order to rectify the aspect of the relationship the other partner felt dissatisfied with.

They based their theories on the idea that we all behave in a similar way. This can act as strength as it makes both theories easier to understand.

The primary use of these theories is to help clients of relationship councillors, the fact that anyone can understand them it makes it a perfect explanation tool. Councillors are able to tell clients when to let go of a relationship and allow them to discuss what phase they think they are in.

The main issue with this is that all relationship are different so the theories cannot be applied universally. Both studies are culturally biased as many collectivist, non-western generally Asian and north African cultures have arranged marriages.

Arranged marriages are generally expected to be permanent and couples are pressured to stay together no matter how they feel about the relationship, this means that the idea that dissatisfaction leads to breakdown is not applicable to these cultures.

Issues with arranged marriages are the concern of the whole family not just the couple, this is another aspect not accounted for in the theories. They surveyed students that had recently broken up with a partner; the participants reported that they had experienced emotional distress and personal growth.

This study has low population validity as all of the participants are students; you cannot generalise the findings to other social groups.

The breakdown of romantic relationships essay

The research may have been affected by social desirability bias due to the self-reporting nature of the experiment. Akert carried out a study in to find out whether instigators of a relational breakdown suffer equal negative consequences to non-instigators.

There are ethical issues throughout the research into the breakdown of romantic relationships.A i Aoyama is a sex and relationship counsellor who works out of her narrow three-storey home on a Tokyo back street. Her first name means "love" in Japanese, and is a keepsake from her earlier.

The Breakdown Of Relationships. Edit. Classic editor History places a great strain on existing relationships and is often responsible for their breakdown. While enduring romantic relationships can be strong enough to survive the pressures of decreased daily contact, for many, this isn't the case.

A2 Psychology Revision Wiki is a FANDOM. Mar 30,  · WATCH IN HD. WOAH! Boy was this video fun to film!! This video talks through - with the help of some role plays - one model of the breakdown of romantic rela.

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Transcript of Discuss Research Into The Breakdown Of Romantic Relationship. Discuss Research Into The Breakdown Of Romantic Relationships 1. A final limitation of this model is that it only applies to the breakdown of romantic relationships, and friendships do not always involve the same complexities as romantic relationships, so this model.

Discuss research into the breakdown of Romantic Relationships Essay Sample. Discuss research into the breakdown of romantic relationships (8 marks+16 marks) One theory into the dissolution of relationships was created by Rollie and Duck in AO1 – Duck () One theory of the breakdown of romantic relationships centres on the reasons for breakdown proposed by Duck () One reason is lack of skills, where a partner lacking in social skills may struggle in conversations and make the relationship mutually satisfying This can lead to the partner perceiving them as uninterested.

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