The essence of physical light and spiritual light essay

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The essence of physical light and spiritual light essay

We need to listen to the story that the Chanukah lichtelech flames tell us — The Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn A little light dispels a lot of darkness — The Sages Light is the core of physics.

Light — energy — defines the very parameters of existence. In modern physics it is now commonly accepted that light, or in more general terms, electromagnetic radiation microwaves, radio waves, light rays, x rays, gamma rays has a dual nature: The same has been proven regarding the behavior of subatomic matter: And this is no small matter: A particle and a wave are opposites.

A particle is an entity confined to a very small volume, while a wave is spread out over a large region of space. Light reflects, expresses and transmits the Divine energy. And like physics would later discover, Jewish mysticism as explained at length in Chassidic thought, see for example, the discourse Vayeilech from the Rebbe Sholom DovBer describes the dual nature of light.

The essence of physical light and spiritual light essay

Light combines both substance and no substance: Light, with all its paradoxical qualities, is our best metaphor for understanding the process of creation. By contemplating the paradox of light — that it is clearly real and yet appears to have no substance or shape — we can approach an even greater paradox: The mysterious qualities of light illustrate the main truth of our physical universe: Light becomes both a pure expression of the Divine and the metaphor that, through our reason and other faculties, allows us to experience the ways of G-d.

Light straddles the defining line that runs between the physical and the spiritual. Light, in other words has a dual quality of both particle and wave.

Chanukah is the Festival of Light. All the events of Chanukah are remembered and celebrated with light. All this is commemorated with light. Chanukah — like light — is paradoxical: The essential miracle — and message — of Chanukah is the dominance of light over dark, of spiritual radiance over material gloom.

Your Light Has Come

The powerful quality of light — even a minimal amount — prevailed over the strongest forms of darkness. And the light that emerges from darkness is the strongest light of all.

Light that prevails after being challenged by darkness is a light that can never die. This, of course, is the root of all paradoxes: Chanukah is a time when we face darkness, yet we emerge with even greater light.

Night represents darkness, and the lights of Chanukah have to pierce and illuminate the shadows. The actual lamp and lighting process itself entails opposite forces uniting: A lamp consists of oil, a wick, and a vessel containing them so that the oil is fed through the wick to a burning flame. All these particles together create a wave of light and warmth that is more than the sum of their parts.

The flame and the wick defy each other, while joining forces and causing each other to act against their inherent natures as they attach to each other: The flame licking ever upward, only to be grounded by the material wick.

The oil too plays a conflicting role, as it both fuels the destruction of the wick and yet ultimately sustains it. Were it not for the oil, the wick would be immediately consumed by the flame; yet at the same time, the oil is acclimating the wick to the flame, in effect transforming the wick into fuel for the flame.

The oil actually requires the wick to channel its substance and convert it into an illuminating flame. Fusion of oil fuel and wick and vessel — wave and particle — create light. Indeed, this message itself that these light are sacred offers us the greatest benefit of all:Seven Characteristics of a Spiritual Person Spirituality is related to your beingness and actualiza- To be spiritual means to grow toward light, beauty, and wisdom.

One cannot be spiritual without having fruits on his when in your essence you are a liar.’”. Spiritual transformation is a harrowing experience. When spiritual energy shifts and comes to a peak, forcing human consciousness to expand, it challenges the body to play catch up.

The physical feeling is described in two words: off balance. There are three particular life principles that help to align your perspective with the perspective of divine essence and thus facilitate the self-enlightenment experience: 1) seeing the Divine in all; 2) nurturance of life; and 3) gratitude.

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Chassidism strives for the direct perception of G‑dliness underlying everything, and illuminates the spiritual sources of all physical phenomena. Tumah As the Absence of Holiness. Chassidic teaching explains that in essence, tum’ah, “spiritual impurity,” is definable as the “absence of holiness.” Holiness is called “life,” “vitality”; it is that which is united with and emanates from the source of all life, the Creator.

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