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This essay explores

Hire Writer Structuration theory has been influenced by the work of Anthony Giddens. Giddens considers the self to be set apart by a high concentration of reflexivity or constant self monitoring and scrutiny that takes the form of an endless life story.

Structuration theory is the conceptualization of the body as a project and the extent to which it provides a sense of control and meaning for participants. People use their body shape and appearance as a means of expressing their individual identity.

Structuration theorists believe that self identity is constantly evolving, moreover we see ourselves with a past, present and projected future. The emergence of the body as a project has been influenced by several social trends including advances in body altering technologies and consumerism.

Tattoos, in fact have enjoyed an explosion in popularity and mainstream acceptance in the last decade. For some tattoo enthusiasts, the body is a project.

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I have many tattoos, most of which are custom. Each tattoo represents a certain person, thought, or time in my life. Tattooing stands out on in its permanence and can be viewed as This essay explores long term project.

They cannot be simply removed or changed This essay explores the whim of the marketplace.

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The tattoo remains an individual choice, not subject to the laws of the market and is thus removed from the realm of fashion and commodification of appearance. In a world of mass produced images, the body is the last realm of first hand experiences. With the increased visibility of tattoos comes the booming business of tattoos, which in turns tattoos into fashion commodfication Chapkis, The structuration approach to the body has conceptual problems as well.

Budgeon argues that the inability to identify gender differences represents a serious weakness. It is difficult for any individual to conceptualize the body as a purely objective project, because they simultaneously inhabit it as well as attempt to modify it.

The structuration theory also fails to recognize the extent to which the body is a contested site for various social forces Gray, That is, the body is socially created. However, not everyone conforms to these influences and some actively refuse them.

From the constructionist perspective the body can be thought of as a contested site in which social control is applied by the state and its agencies, including individuals as well Gray, An example of social constructionism is how the media projects the ideal body image, altering our behavior, making us starve ourselves to look like the model in the commercials or go and get a haircut.

The media focus on body image promotes the preservation of youth, beauty and sexual desire Tuller, According to Tuller of the New York Times about six million American men have taken Viagra for erectile dysfunction since it was introduced by Pfizer in But the companies have a grander vision: Advertising and media buzz are reinforcing the cultural expectations that aging men are required to age well to sustain youthful masculinity.

Leonore Tiefer, an associate professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine, who has been a vocal critic of the way the drugs are marketed. Even as companies battle over the existing market they endorse he idea that the consumer base can extend well beyond men who have the classic symptom of the disorder.

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The drive to redefine erectile dysfunction, also known as E. A few attempts have been made to dispute the idea that everything is socially constructed. Phenomenologists argue that our bodies are characterized by lived experience. In this regard, our bodies develop routinised or habitual ways of dealing with the outside world.

Most of this takes place without us being fully aware of we are doing. However, situations such as sickness and disability make us aware of our bodies. The aim of phenomenology is to determine what an experience means for the person who has had the experience and to provide a comprehensive description of it Gray, For example, what it means to an individual living with rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic illness that has a global impact on physical, psychological and social well-being. This frustration can led to a negative self-concept and feelings of powerlessness which affect how these individuals conduct their lives.

To improve quality of life, doctors and health educators increasingly advise combining drug treatment with education, social support, and moderate forms of exercise.

This essay explores

RA affects an individuals life experience of his or her body but support groups and arthritis education can help people learn how to listen to their body and disease, and cope with it.Essay of the Week. When citizens in Michael Seifert’s Texas border town couldn’t get respect from local elected officials, they didn’t get angry.

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They got organized. Seifert and his neighbors discovered that voting was the best tool they had to improve their community. This essay explores the good and bad things about zoos. Very good essay for anyone in middle school or lower level high school.": Okay.

by masterpuppet on 08/Mar/ A convincing essay, shows some thoughts, but needs more input, more elaboration. I think more could of been added to this paper. Overall, Okay paper/5(2).

This essay explores

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In line with last week’s “pivot to dumb bitch energy,” as foretold by writer Kyrell Grant, comes a new essay from Andrea Long Chu about all the stupid things she wants, all the stupid things.

Narrative Essay This essay explores the narrative mode, which is perhaps the most natural style of writing for most people. The narrative form has much in common with fiction or creative writing, in that it relies on descriptive language, dialogue, and dramatic action to present its story.

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This essay explores