Use the distributive property to write an equivalent algebraic expression

First we are going to make sure that you have the proper background knowledge, so let's look at a simple math problem: But, in Algebra we often don't know one of the numeric values and a variable letter is used in it's place. Let's look at another example: So, this is when the distributive property comes in handy.

Use the distributive property to write an equivalent algebraic expression

I will post and discuss the definition of each term. Then, I will present students with the example and we will identify the constant, variable, and coefficient.

A constant may either be positive or negative. Based on the definition, what is the constant in this example? How do you know 7 is the constant?

use the distributive property to write an equivalent algebraic expression

Based on the definition, what is the variable in this example? Do we know what x is? A coefficient is the number multiplied by the variable.

It is located in front of the variable. Based on the definition, what is the coefficient in this example? Why is the coefficient 4? Terms may consist of variables and coefficients, or constants.

Terms are separated by the plus or minus signs. How many terms does the example have? What are the terms? An algebraic expression is one or more algebraic terms in a phrase. It can include variables, constants, and operating symbols, such as plus and minus signs. Is this an algebraic expression?

I will complete the first row with the class, so they understand how to complete the worksheet. They will complete the rest of the worksheet with their group.

Students may have difficulty with: After about 10 minutes, I will assign each group a row to present to the class. Students should explain their answers and how they used the definitions to help them.

How to Write an Algebraic Expression: 8 Steps (with Pictures) Distributive property Video transcript We're asked to apply the distributive property. So, to figure this out, I've actually already copy and pasted this problem onto my scratch pad.
Unit 1: Reading and Writing Mathematical Expressions: Vocabulary Once students have had time to make their list, quickly go around to each pair and make a list of the different ways to write each number starting with 1.
distributive property simplify calculator What is that dollar amount?
Ninth grade Lesson Equivalent Expressions: Distributive Property For each real number a, except 0, there is a unique real number such that In other words, when you multiply a number by its multiplicative inverse the result is 1. A multiplicative inverse or reciprocal of a real number a except 0 is found by "flipping" a upside down.
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The exit ticket is similar to the table that students completed with their group. I will use the exit ticket to determine future lessons and how students should be grouped. Identifying Algebraic Expressions Exit Ticket.The following three given expression will be shown how to actively use the distributive property in order to accurately succeed in the removal of the parentheses.

2a(a-5) + 4(a-5) The Given Expression. The distributive property allows us to multiply one factor with many different factors that are being added and/or subtracted together. The property often makes problems solvable mentally or at. How to write an algebraic expression for theproduct of 20 and - Answered by a verified Math Tutor or Teacher How to use the distributive property to solve 5x32?

How to write an algebraic expression for theproduct of 20 and Z? = r r = Use a commutative law to find an equivalent expression. We can use the commutative property of addition to rewrite the whole thing as x 3 – 4y 2 x. We can also use the commutative property of multiplication to rewrite -4 y 2 x as -4 xy 2.

Putting it together, we can rearrange -4 y 2 x + x 3 using commutativity (and yes, we did make that word up) to get x 3 – 4 xy 2. Equivalent Expressions Distributive Property. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Equivalent Expressions Distributive Property.

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Lesson Summary The Distributive Property represents a key belief about the arithmetic of real numbers.

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