What was the trojan war

For many years people believed that it was the city mentioned only in the tales and never existed until it was first found in the 19th century. Troy Truva in Turkish is located in Hisarlik near Canakkale province where the remains of this once-great city can be visited.

What was the trojan war

The city seemed as invulnerable as ever. Calchas also said that the bow and arrows of Heracles must be brought to Troy. According to Apollodorus, it was the Trojan seer Helenus who said the Greeks must fetch Neoptolemus, but this conflicts with other prophecies.

Odysseus easily persuaded young Neoptolemus to join the Greeks. The bow of Heracles, however, belonged to one of the Greek leaders named Philocteteswhom the Greeks had abandoned on the island of Lemnos due to the vile odour from snakebite. Philoctetes was bitter of the Greeks deserting him on the uninhabited island, and he refused to join the Greeks, when they What was the trojan war.

Heroes in the Trojan War

Philoctetes want to kill OdysseusAgamemnon and Menelausbecause they were responsible for leaving him behind. Philoctetes would have killed Odysseus, until the appearance and intervention of Heracles himself. Heracles, now a god, persuaded his friend to return with Odysseus to Troy.

Heracles assured his old friend that he would finally be healed.

What was the trojan war

In the fighting, the first person Philoctetes mortally wounded with his arrow was Paris. Oenoe had told Paris before he left for Sparta that she would heal him if he was ever wounded. But the nymph could not forgive him for not returning earlier; she refused to heal Paris.

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Paris had no choice but to return to Troy to die. But it was too late for Oenone to save him. In her grief, Oenone hanged herself.

Eurypylus killed many Greeks, including the healer, Machaon. Helenus left the city but was captured by Odysseus. Helenus was the son of Priam and Hecubabut he was also a seer, like his sister, Cassandra.

The Greeks somehow managed to persuade the seer to reveal the weakness of Troy. One night, Odysseus and Diomedes slipped into Troy and stole the Palladium. The Greeks realised they would only be able to capture the city if they can get some forces within Troy. Odysseus later devised the stratagem on finally winning the war, by building a gigantic wooden horse, and leaving it on the beach.

The wooden horse would have some selected men, led by Odysseus, hidden inside its belly. The main force of the Greeks would leave their camp and sailed their ships away, hiding behind the nearest island.

A Greek spy, Sinon, was deliberately left behind, who would try to convince the Trojans that the Greeks had sailed home, and that Trojans should bring the horse inside their walls. Follow this link, for the list Greek heroes who had hid inside the Wooden Horse in Facts and Figures.

The Trojans celebrated their apparent victory before going to bed. The Greek warriors inside the wooden horse, climbed out of the hidden compartment, open the gate to allow the Greek army entrance into the sleeping city.

Agamemnon returned with the main body of the Greek army, and entered the city. Fighting erupted during the night inside Troy. Although the Trojans fought well in their city, too many of the Trojans were killed in the first hour of attack.

Only two Trojan Dardanian leaders survived. Antenor protected the Greek embassy from attack, when another elder wished to murder them.

See Arrival in Troy about Antenor helping the Greek embassy. According to the Little Iliad and to Pausanias in the Description of Greece in which Pausanias was referring to in the Little Iliad as his sourceAntenor had a son, named Helicaon, and was wounded in the fighting.

Odysseus seeing and recognising the son of Antenor, rescued the young Dardanian warrior, and took him to safety. Before any Greek could capture her, according to Apollodorus, the earth opened up and swallowed her. The other leader of Troy who had escaped, was another Dardanian, named Aeneasthe son of Anchises and goddess Aphrodite.

There are several versions on Aeneas survived the destruction of Troy.Agamemnon was the son of King Atreus of Mycenae and the grandson of King Pelops of Pisa and King Catreus of Crete.

Inheriting the curse the gods levied on Atreus for the murders of his cousins, he and his brother Menelaus both lived in exile from Mycenae for much of their early years because of this curse up until he asked King Tyndareus of . Olivia Coolidge was born in London, England, in She received her education at Somerville College, Oxford University, where her .

Troy. Troy is a city which existed over years and known as the center of ancient civilizations. For many years people believed that it was the city mentioned only in the tales and never existed until it was first found in the 19th century. T, Warbird, T History, Covert War in Laos, US Special Operations, Air Commandos, Ravens, Air Museums, Air Races, T Restoration and Sales.

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