Writing a blog post examples of figurative language

Figurative language adds depth and beauty to the author's story.

Writing a blog post examples of figurative language

Instagram Descriptive Writing Structure Choose description if you want to show off your writing style. Good description is sensory writing think: You need to put the reader in the moment your are describing. Make sure your writing is varied and rich in figurative language.

Mention something that you will return to in your last paragraph to frame your writing. When we children came home from school, we were left to our own devices. Against the stark backdrop of rusty brick and faded adverts, whole worlds unfolded… The boys look up to the sky, as if awaiting angels or benediction… Zoom Next, focus on one detail in the scene and describe it in detail; suggest its importance to the scene.

Use figurative language to add sophistication. Bargains are stuck by a fragrant pile of ripe mangoes as mother gathers ingredients for a family supper, the baby squawking contentedly in the crook of her arm.

Change perspective Imagine the scene through the eyes of someone who is there — what are they thinking and feeling? Remember to show rather than tell. For example, how does she feel about the situation she is in? About the scene in front of her?

Sometimes I stood in a window, gazing absently at the games below.

English 9 Blog Period 1: Figurative Language: Blog Post #4

It seemed as if nothing would ever disturb the peace of those times… Zoom Pick on another detail to describe but try to find something that contrasts with what has gone before, like the shuttered windows.

Why might this be important? Well chosen adjectives, verbs and figurative language can add layers to your writing.

My brother always triumphed at badminton: Finish by creating an emotional atmosphere For a moment all stops. Every eye is fixed on the sky as we wait for the shuttlecock to descend. I hold that moment in my mind now, like a talisman against the storm that followed.

No one plays in these streets now.There are multiple examples of figurative language in each story. This way, your students can practice their comprehension skills at the same time as their figurative language.

For me, this helps solidify the meanings of idioms, similes, and metaphors without making my kiddos memorize each! LANGUAGE LEARNING ONLINE Do you want to learn English online?

The purpose of this site is to advise students of English and English teachers to make the B1 (PET, ISE I), B2 (FCE, ISE ll) and C1 (CAE, ISE lll) seem easy. Definition of figurative in English: figurative. adjective.

writing a blog post examples of figurative language

‘Teens comprehend abstract language, such as idioms, figurative language, and metaphors.’ ‘For example, is the term metaphor itself literal or figurative?’ Stay up to date with our latest news and receive new words updates, blog posts. Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

Identify Figurative Language in Rap - Flocabulary

Mar 09,  · Here are a few of my favorite Figurative Language picture books. I like to have my students create their own picture book story and incorporate as much figurative language into it as they can.

My students love to read, share and look through these while they are writing and we are working on figurative language. When examining figurative language, keep in mind that it is writing that the author does not intend for you to take literally.

Figurative language adds depth and beauty to the author's story.

writing a blog post examples of figurative language
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